Step-By-Step Guide on How to Rewrite an Essay

It's crucial to remember that in today's digital age, the originality and quality of content can easily be compromised. Perhaps you spent so much time on your essay that you didn't realize how original it was. It doesn't mean you have to go back to the beginning and revise your assignment. Instead, you can turn to trusted experts to ask them to "correct this paper", but be careful, read the reviews on RankMyService so you don't run into scammers.

You can also restructure your essay with no professional help if you know the right steps. Once you have discovered that your essay may have been plagiarized from some of the resources you used, the next step will be to determine the amount of the essay that needs to be rewritten. While it might feel like your work is being rewritten, remember that quality work gives you security and allows you to claim it as yours.

We have compiled a comprehensive guide to assist you with rewriting your essay.

Start at the Paragraph level

If you can't find any essay writers that are reliable, you may be able to edit the essay by yourself. You should edit your paper at the paragraph level to get rid of any plagiarism. In addition to changing the words of the sentences, it is possible to change the order in which your paragraphs are organized. Make sure you don't alter the intended meaning.

Be sure to replace corrupt words with their synonyms, so that it doesn't look like you copied content from online sources word for word. Be patient when you make modifications. You could easily reduce the quality of your work by not taking enough notice. You want the essay to have the same effect, regardless of any modifications you made.

You should consider quotations

Because quotations must be copied word for the job, it is likely that they will be considered plagiarized. As you edit your essay, reduce the number of quotations that you include to avoid any claims of plagiarism.

You can go to the Sentence Level

After editing your essay at the paragraph level, you are ready to make any editing at the sentence level. First, eliminate any phrases that do not contribute to the overall message of the essay but are still compromising the originality and quality of your work. Next, look into how you can modify sentences that have been flagged to be plagiarized in order to make your work more original. Sometimes, you may need to do additional research to verify that the information that you have written is consistent with the rest.

Check out the Paper

After editing your paper thoroughly, it is important that you go through it again to make sure it hasn't changed in meaning. Loudly reading your essay will help you catch mistakes faster.

Wrapping up

After you have learned how to rewrite your essay and are confident in it, you won't need to submit another plagiarized paper.

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